About Ottawa Valley R/C

Jim with his planes.

Some information about me and this website.

Hi my name is Jim, I'm also known as balsa_dust in the forums. I got interested in model airplanes when I was ten years old when I got a Cox free flight helicopter called a Sky-Copter for Christmas. When I was 14 I saved money from a paper route to buy a used radio controlled Piper Cherokee and a new Isotronics five channel radio. I also got into racing 4 wheel drive off road R/C cars by Tamiya such as the Big Wig and Vanquish. Later I built a Carl Goldberg Electra and a Great Planes Dura Plane which are in the photo.

I started playing around with web design and digital photography and thought it would be nice to combine this with my interest in the radio control hobby. I set this website up to cover the different R/C events going on around Ottawa and the region. People who couldn't make it out to the events could still see some of the models and the folks who put on these events.

So browse around a little and I hope you enjoy the pictures of the events. Thank you.

Jim Etherington

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