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Stetson Flyers IMAA Giant Scale Rally - 2012

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Rideau Pond Float Fly - 2012

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Rideau Nautical Modellers - 2009

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The Stetson Flyers did their IMAA Giant Scale Rally.


I finally got around to posting the pictures I took in September (it is December 12th. as I write this) of the IMAA Giant Scale Rally.


This year I had some competition for taking pictures because there were people from a camera club who did a group meet-up to take pictures of the planes.


Here are some links to full size pictures of the group shots for the pilots and volunteers.

Group Photo Pilots
Group Photo Volunteers







The Rideau Flyers hosted the Rideau Pond Float Fly and it was a grand event with float planes and boats and was a great event for both flyers and spectators alike.


Dick Baylis who is with the Blue Max Club from Ile Perrot near Montreal kindly showed me his scratch built 1929 Fokker Super Universal. It is a real beauty and flys as good as it looks.


The float plane club is well set up and even has an ingenious rotating platform at the end of the dock to gently lower or raise planes and boats into or out of the water while keeping them perfectly level.


For club members full size group photos taken at the end of the event can be downloaded from the following links.
Group Photo 1
Group Photo 2




This gallery is a compilation of some pictures I took at one of the Rideau Nautical Modellers events last July held at the Stewart Park Festival in Perth every summer. In addition to special events held around Ottawa they also meet at Andrew Hayden Park in Ottawa, weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 pm starting in May until October. To find out more check the Club Events page on their website.


The club operates R/C boats and submarines with the only restrictions being that members use electric propulsion as internal combustion engine models are not permitted.